Jeff has to make the bears fear humans on Project Grizzly

Project Grizzly
Jeff will no longer be able to play with the bears like this on Project Grizzly

This week on Project Grizzly, Jeff faces maybe his hardest task as he tries to get the bear to fear humans.

Bob and Screech were born into domestication and releasing them back into the wild was always going to be an ambitious goal, now one the final lessons they must learn is to avoid the deadliest predator on the planet, us.

For Jeff this is maybe most difficult task emotionally, he really loves these animals and making them fear him and all humans is not going to be easy.

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Over the last few weeks we’ve seen Jeff teach the bears to forage and hunt, with mixed results. He’s also tried to get them to den, in preparation for hibernation during winter.

However, even if all his lessons come together successfully, Jeff still worries that the bears may not be able to survive in the wild without him.

The two bears have certainly become more wild over the weeks, with increasingly erratic and aggressive behaviour.

Watch Project Grizzly – Letting Go at 10 PM on Animal Planet. 

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