Isle of The Dead: The Walking Dead spinoff announces three new cast members

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan and Lauren Cohan as Maggie
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan and Lauren Cohan as Maggie will star in Isle of the Dead. Pic credits: AMC/Jace Downs/Josh Stringer

Thanks to the recent San Diego Comic-Con event, viewers have plenty more news regarding The Walking Dead universe.

Not only was a new spinoff series announced, staring Andrew Lincoln (as Rick Grimes) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) but new trailers were released for Tales of The Walking Dead and for the final season of The Walking Dead.

Along with that, there’s been a cast announcement for another Walking Dead spinoff series, Isle of the Dead.

This new series will center around Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who are at loggerheads in The Walking Dead and have been since Negan killed Maggie’s husband, Glenn (Steven Yeun).

Filming is currently underway for Isle of the Dead, and Cohan and Morgan also shared a video update regarding this.

Now, more details are emerging about what to expect in the new TV show with the latest cast announcement.

Three new characters added to Isle of the Dead

In a recent update to The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account, the network announced three new cast members that will be joining Isle of the Dead.

Besides Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan heading the new series, there has only been one other cast announcement, that being Gaius Charles. He will portray a character called Perlie Armstrong.

Now, Zeljko Ivanek (Law & Order, True Blood) will play a character called The Croat, Jonathan Higginbotham (The Blacklist, Shining Vale) will star as Tommaso, and Mahina Napoleon (NCIS: Hawaii) will play Ginny.

“Those characters don’t mean anything to you now, but they will because they are awesome,” The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple said, according to Comic Book.

Isle of the Dead heads to New York City

Isle of the Dead will be set in New York City so it will be very interesting to see how Negan and Maggie manage to get there from Virginia and Ohio, where Season 11 of The Walking Dead is currently set.

Already, we know that the pair will wind up in Manhattan thanks to the original synopsis supplied when the spinoff was first announced.

“The Walking Dead [spinoff series] sees Maggie and Negan traveling into a post-apocalyptic Manhattan long ago cut off from the mainland. The crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made New York City their own world full of anarchy, danger, beauty, and terror.”

Now, Gimple has described the Isle of the Dead location as “a mad house known as New York City during the apocalypse.”

Perlie Armstrong will be one of the characters Maggie and Negan meet there and he is described as being both confident and ruthless.

He is also a dedicated family man, so, potentially, the character Ginny could be his daughter.

However, until AMC drops a trailer for this new series, it seems like viewers might have to wait a little longer to find out more.

Isle of the Dead will premiere on AMC and AMC+ in 2023.

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