Is When Calls The Heart on tonight?

Elizabeth and Lee, Season 6 Episode 3 of When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel
Elizabeth and Lee, Season 6 Episode 3 of When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel

When Calls The Heart fans have been on their toes all week with the news of Lori Loughlin’s scandal and her removal from the Hallmark Channel.

The fourth episode of Season 6 was supposed to air tonight, introducing a new Mountie in Hope Valley. Unfortunately, that episode has been put on hold.

Tonight on Hallmark

When Calls the Heart’s usual spot appears to be filled by Hallmark’s Unleashing Mr. Darcy. Although the news is upsetting for many Hearties, there’s still hope left for Hope Valley.

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A big factor in tonight’s episode being delayed is due to Lori Loughlin’s removal from Hallmark. With the news of the scandal, Hallmark is taking every precaution when it comes to the show.

So while Hallmark is taking a look at all their options surrounding When Calls the Heart, let’s take a look and see what was to be announced in tonight’s new episode.

When Calls the Heart: Heart of a Mountie

Season 6, episode 4 of When Calls the Heart introduced a new Mountie to Hope Valley- Mountie Nathan Grant. With the arrival of a new Mountie and Elizabeth’s grief for Jack coming to an end, there are a lot of memories flooding Elizabeth’s mind.

On a less emotional level, Rosemary has a telephone now. The telephone’s new technology in Hope Valley leaves a lot of room for gossip, much to Lee’s displeasure.

The people of Hope Valley are still unsure about the new saloon owner, Lucas. Jesse is getting a bit jealous of Lucas now that Clara works for him. The new episode definitely has a lot of emotional turmoil, even showing in the sneak peek of Heart of a Mountie.

When Calls the Heart 6x04 Promo & Sneak Peek "Heart of a Mountie" (HD)

However, we are facing the possibility that the course of the show could be changed with Lori Loughlin being fired from Hallmark.

With no set date for When Calls the Heart coming back on the air, Hearties are anxiously waiting for the new episodes to start again. Hallmark appears to be putting forth their best efforts to get the show back on the air, so hopefully, fans won’t be waiting too much longer.

When Calls the Heart will not be airing on Sunday, March 17 on the Hallmark channel. 

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