Is Veronica Harrington dead on the Haves and the Have Nots? Is Angela Robinson leaving?

Veronica and David on The Haves and Have Nots
Veronica tells David the truth about Jeffrey. Pic credit: OWN

In this week’s episode of The Haves and the Have Nots, titled A New Leaf, David Harrington (Peter Parros) loses control after Veronica (Angela Robinson) confesses to him that he is not the father of their son Jeffrey (Gavin Houston).

She makes the confession after telling her husband that she wants Jeffrey to undergo therapy to make him straight but David insists that therapy wouldn’t work.

She tells David that she wants Jeffrey committed to an institution to receive sexual orientation conversion therapy. She argues that the institution she wants Jeffrey sent to is a nice place in the Mountains of Utah where they go to meditate and pray. She adds that some gay people have actually been cured after undergoing conversion therapy at the institution.

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But when David tries to dismiss her suggestion, Veronica persists, describing Jeffrey’s gay orientation as a “disgusting thing.” She accuses David of not caring enough to try to help their son and declares that she hates Jeffrey’s homosexuality.

When David declares that he would never agree to her proposal to have Jeffrey committed, Veronica drops the hint that she would not get back together with David if he does not agree to her plan for Jeffrey.

David says that he still wants them to get back together. But seeing an opportunity to force David to agree with her plan, Veronica taunts him, saying he is lying and asks him what he wants.

David says he wants her and that he wants to be close to her and that he wants her to be the woman he used to know. But he insists that the conversion therapy won’t work.

“It worked for his father,” she answers suggestively.

David is puzzled. “What are you talking about now. I’m not gay,  I never was.”

“You are not his father,” she answers quietly.

David can’t believe he heard right, so he can only say, “What?” His expression is a mixture of anguish and disbelief.

“I had an affair,” she says.

She tells David that she had an affair with his co-worker William and got pregnant with Jeffrey.

“He [William] is the spitting image of Jeffrey,” she says. “I’m surprised you never noticed.”

David is stunned but he manages to say, “No. I did not.”

“So do you still wanna get back together?”

David is clearly distraught and anguished following the unexpected bombshell revelation. He moves closer to Veronica and says he wants to be close to her.

Veronica asks why. She looks uneasy.

“So that I can do what I said I would,” he says, with his face now set with a look of grim determination.

“What’s that?”

“Kill you,” he answers.

As she tries to get up and escape, he grabs her and plunges into the pool with her. He grabs her by the neck and holds her head under the water until she goes limp and lifeless, apparently dead.

The episode ends with Veronica floating face down and apparently lifeless in the pool.

Veronica Tells David the Truth about Jeffery | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | OWN

In the preview of the next week’s episode, titled She’s Gonna Be Real Mad, David is shown making a call while sitting on the side of the pool, with Veronica’s body still floating lifeless in the water.

“How the hell could you lose control like that David,” the person on the other side asks.

“I had to do it,” David answers.

Is Veronica Harrington dead? Is Angela Robinson leaving?

Fans took to social media, asking whether Veronica is really dead and whether Angela Robinson is finally leaving the show.

Although most fans agree that Veronica is a “horrible person,” they can’t believe that the show would kill her off just like that. Some fans even suggested that she was only playing dead so that David would stop trying to drown her.

Regardless, Veronica clearly went too far this time and definitely crossed the line. David snapped. From all indications on the show, specifically her body lying face down and lifeless in the water while David confessed his crime on the phone, it appears that we might have seen the last of Veronica Harrington on The Haves and the Have Not.

But could the show contrive a miraculous revival to bring her back? Angela Robinson’s IMDb profile has no indication that the actress is currently working on any other projects, suggesting that she might not be leaving after all.

However, her own social media tweets about the storyline left more questions than answers.

Fans will have to wait for next week’s episode of the show, titled She’s Gonna Be Real Mad, to find out for sure whether Veronica is really dead and whether Angela Robinson is leaving the show.

The Haves and the Have Nots airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on OWN. 

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