Is Tonya Banks about to split from fiance Kerwin on Little Women: Couples Retreat?

Tonya and Kerwin on a couch on Little Women: Couples Retreat
Tonya and Kerwin talking about their issues on this week’s Little Women: Couples Retreat

Little Women: LA’s Tonya Banks could be on the brink of a break-up from fiance Kerwin on this week’s Little Women: Couples Retreat – when she reveals she’s not sure he’s the one.

The revelation comes in a sit-down with relationship expert Hasani Pettiford: “I love him but a lot of times I don’t like him.”

The pair earlier in the season already revealed they had power struggles in their relationship.

And that theme continues this week as Tonya talks about how Kerwin always wants things done “his way” — which she then immediately calls the “wrong way”.

Meanwhile, another scene sees the pair arguing on the beach as Kerwin says she is only interested in herself rather than moving forward as a team.

It comes after Kerwin proposed to Tonya on the finale of Little Women: LA earlier this year.

This week’s Little Women: Couples Retreat also sees Andrea confront boyfriend Chris, while Briana Renee and Christy Gibel try to fix their friendship.

Little Women LA: Couples Retreat airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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