Is the Money Pit about to give up its treasure on The Curse of Oak Island?

The Curse of Oak Island - money pit
The Money Pit is under assault on The Curse of Oak Island as the brothers dig deep

On this week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, the Lagina brothers think they have finally hit the bullseye and that the treasure of the Money Pit may be in reach.

After years of digging, diving and searching Rick and Marty think they are close to their goal as they excavate the infamous Money Pit.

Last week we saw them send down a diver, who located a large cavern at the bottom of the pit. Now they are boring down in the hope of bringing up whatever is buried beneath the island’s unassuming surface.

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Nothing is going to stop them finding out what lies beneath
Nothing is going to stop them finding out what lies beneath

They’re feet away from what they’ve labored for eight years, as Marty says: ”this is as close as anyone got, we’re on the edge of our seat.”

Although the Money Pit is not the only mystery or supposed location of treasure on Oak Island, it is perhaps the iconic. Long before the show started it was appearing in national newspapers and magazine like The Unexplained.

Indeed it saw widespread coverage at the end of the 19th Century, all of which has spurred treasure hunters just like the Lagina’s throw their time, money and even their lives into this so-far fruitless endeavour.

treasure from the Money Pit?
Will they pull up treasure from the Money Pit or just mud and another daed end?

Will they pull up Aztec gold, Templar plunder, lost manuscripts or will this particular dig come up empty handed?

Find out on The Curse of Oak Island this week!

Watch The Curse of Oak Island – Bullseye at 9 PM on History.

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