Is Sarah Reese leaving Chicago Med? Rachel DiPillo’s character leaves Gaffney Chicago Medical Center

Sarah Reese on Chicago Med
Sarah Reese could be leaving Chicago Med. Pic credit: NBC

Dr. Sarah Reese is played by Rachel DePillo and has been on Chicago Med since the very first episode — but is she leaving the show?

Dr. Reese had a troubled time during the series’ third season, including being suspended for pepper-spraying a patient and learning that her estranged father was struggling with health issues.

When his heart started to give out, Dr. Daniel Charles, played by Oliver Platt, appeared not try to revive him, suspecting that he was a suspect in a cold murder case.

This season, after learning of Dr. Charles’ lack of effort in saving her father, Dr. Reese decides to leave Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

Showrunner for Chicago Med, Andrew Schneider, confirmed earlier this year that an exit would take place on the show, but he didn’t confirm who.

However, it was revealed by his wife and fellow showrunner Diane Frolov that Dr. Charles’ actions will have “repercussions”.

By all indications, it does appear that it Dr. Sarah Reese will be leaving Chicago Med. Based on the episode guide on IMDb, Dr. Sarah Reese is listed as appearing in the first two episodes of this upcoming season.

The episodes entitled Be My Better Half and When To Let Go could document her decision to leave Gaffney Chicago Medical Center behind for good.

Another major clue that it is indeed Dr. Sarah Reese who will be leaving the show is the season four promo picture. She is missing from the photo.

While there is always the possibility that producers are just teasing fans, or there was another reason for her absence, it seems more likely that the first two episodes will document her exit in a way that makes sense for the show.

Her IMDb page shows no upcoming television shows or movies that she’s been working on.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/9c on NBC.