Is Our Planet on Netflix real? Fans think footage is so good it looks like CGI

Our Plant real footage
Netflix’s Our Planet has stunning footage that has left fans impressed. Pic credit: Netflix

David Attenborough’s new nature documentary on Netflix, Our Planet was released on April 5 and already has fans in awe. The documentary, which appears to be a Netflix’s answer to BBC’s Planet Earth, has such impressive footage, many fans on Twitter were convinced that it was CGI.

While it may appear like CGI, Our Planet is more real than you think. The Netflix series is created by the same team behind BBC nature series Planet Earth and the producers have explained how they manage to capture such stunning footage of nature.

Some of the technology used to filmed the nature series includes infrared cameras to capture footage of animals taken at night. The production team also uses drones, high-definition cameras and a team of highly skilled camera crew equipped with long-range camera lens’.

According to Wired, the crew behind Our Planet use camera technology that is widely available. The technology publication noted that some of the production prefers to use Red Epic Dragon for it 6K footage — it weighs just 5 pounds without a lens and shoots well in poor conditions.

The camera crew also reportedly use The Sony A7S II for low-light filming. The production team also uses Go-Pro cameras and drones for aerial footage.

The docu-series brings a lot of attention to climate change and documents some of its harrowing effects on wildlife.

The David Attenborough narrated Our Planet, in a similar vein to Planet Earth, is likely edited for audio of the animals but the footage is real.

All eight episodes of Our Planet is currently streaming on Netflix.

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