Is Kortni pregnant with Logan’s baby on Floribama Shore?

Kortni from Floribama Shore
Kortni Gilson fears she may be pregnant on this week’s Floribama Shore. Pic Credit: MTV

Floribama Shore has had a lot of drama during Season 2. The most important storyline has been surrounding Kortni Gilson and her boyfriend, Logan Fairbanks.

When the show first began, Floribama Shore fans thought that this might be a perfect match. The two appeared to like one another a lot, but red flags were seen when Logan decided to talk down to Kortni when she got too drunk and acted out.

Now, there is a possibility that Kortni Gilson could be pregnant with Logan Fairbanks’ child. Last week, she was shown taking several pregnancy tests and she believed there was a positive line on at least one. Logan popped up at the house after they ditched him at the bar and the confrontation wasn’t pretty.

Kortni Gilson is pretty sure things are over with Logan Fairbanks at this point. While she hasn’t exactly confirmed that with him, she is focusing on finding out whether or not she is pregnant with his child. A baby will complicate things, especially in an already heated situation.

Tonight, Floribama Shore fans will find out whether or not Kortni Gilson will be expecting a baby in the coming months. However, after looking through social media photos of the reality star, it is a safe bet to say there is no baby on the way.

We don’t know what happened, but it looks like Kortni Gilson is not pregnant with Logan Fairbanks’ child. She has talked about experiencing a miscarriage in the past, but could that be what happened?

Currently, Kortni Gilson has a restraining order against Logan Fairbanks. This was filed months ago, likely around the time that is now playing out on the show.

Just recently, Logan Fairbanks was arrested for violating the order of protection against Kortni Gilson. She attempted to be fair about things but he just wouldn’t quit. He reportedly sent her creepy texts and would show up where she was.

This season of Floribama Shore definitely topped the first one. With all of the drama Kortni is dealing with regarding Logan, she is getting close to Jeremiah Buoni as well. Could all of this drama lead to something between the roommates?

Floribama Shore airs Monday night at 10/9c on MTV.

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