Is it over between Lila Call and her man on Little Women LA: Couples Retreat?

Brian and Lila Call sitting on a couch on Little Women LA: Couples Retreat
Brian and Lila talk about their issues on this week’s Little Women LA: Couples Retreat

Lila Call’s love interest Brian tells her things are not right between them on this week’s episode of Little Women LA: Couples Retreat.

Last week’s episode ended in chaos after Lila got in a fight with Tonya Banks which saw Tonya slam her off her chair and on to the floor in a shocking scene.

This week’s episode focuses on the couples expressing their true feelings for each other.

Christy Gibel and husband Todd tell each other things they’ve never told each other before, while the Tiny Twinz, Amanda and Andrea Salinas, bond with their partners — through twerking!

But for Little Women: NY star Lila, things are not looking good when she has a sit-down with ex Brian, who she brought along in the hope they could improve things between them, to discuss their relationship.

Sitting well apart on a couch — which any body-language expert will tell you is not a good sign — Brian says: “I think we’re just trying to force something which is not there.”

Asked what that means for his relationship with Lila, he adds: “I don’t think this is the right anything for me.”

A clip of the scene on the Little Women Facebook page left fans questioning whether Brian had just come along for the ride.

Fan Whitney Felsoci said: “I think Lila’s dude only came along for the free trip.”

Jennifer Erickson-Spencer added: “Lila’s ‘man’ is just not interested. Looks like he came for the free trip! Why would you come to a couples retreat and NOT want to be as ‘a couple’?”

Little Women LA: Couples Retreat airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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