Is Becky still pregnant on The Conners?

Becky on The Conners
Is Becky still pregnant on The Conners? Pic credit: ABC

Last night’s episode of The Conners tackled several topics: Dan (John Goodman) getting injured on the job and the family pursuing a lawsuit to cover his medical expenses (which doesn’t necessarily go according to plan), and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) using her life coach skills to help Becky (Lecy Goranson) find a new career.

But there was one topic that wasn’t addressed at all and was a bit of an elephant in the room: Becky’s surprise pregnancy, which was revealed back in the fall.

And when Jackie and Becky sat down to discuss new career opportunities for Becky, the baby wasn’t mentioned once.

While Jackie and Becky discussed many things in the January 8 episode of The Conners, one topic they didn’t mention was Becky’s pregnancy. Pic credit: ABC

This left fans wondering: Is Becky still pregnant?

According to the show’s episode guide on ABC’s website, it would appear that she is. Upcoming episodes will focus on the pregnancy, including Jackie throwing Becky a baby shower and the baby’s father, Emilio, wanting to take an active role in the baby’s life, even though Becky intended to raise the child on her own.

Not only does Emilio want to be involved in his child’s life, but it would appear that he wants to pursue a romantic relationship with Becky, and Becky is all for it. The question is: Will they live happily ever after?

Will Becky and Emilio raise their baby together? Pic credit: ABC

The Conners airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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