Is Alex Dowis blind? Artist seeks AGT vote from inquisitive fans

Alex Dowis performing on America's Got Talent
Alex Dowis performing on America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

Alex Dowis took the AGT stage again on Tuesday night to express himself through art. Hoping to secure enough votes to make it to the finals, he showcased his blacklight painting skills again.

While Alex was performing, he caused a lot of NBC viewers to question whether he could actually see what he was doing. The dark sunglasses that he wears during each performance gives off an appearance that he is blind.

As shown in the image above, Alex definitely wears some dark sunglasses when he is creating his art for America.

Is Alex Dowis blind?

No, Alex is not blind. He likely wears the glasses to help protect his eyes while he is painting with the black lights. It also adds to his image on the stage.

The first video below shows why some NBC viewers may have thought that Alex was blind.

Can Alex Dowis make it to the 2019 AGT Finals?

On Tuesday night, Alex performed a tribute to first responders. It was done to some very emotional music and used radio transmissions of the 9/11 responders in the background.

When he was done with the performance that is shared in the video below, Alex received a standing ovation from the America’s Got Talent judges and the in-house audience.

Guest judge Queen Latifah was also very impressed by the performance and she shared her thoughts with Alex. She loved that he takes them on a journey and she thanked him for the tribute.

It was a great night of performances by 11 acts on this latest episode of America’s Got Talent. The hard truth is that only five of them are going to advance to the 2019 AGT Finals.

It may be difficult for a niche act like the one that Alex Dowis has to find enough support from the voters of America. With some impressive musical talents, magicians, and comedians this season, Alex will need every vote he can get to advance.

The results from the latest AGT vote will come out Wednesday night.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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