Is Adam leaving Hawaii Five-0: Ian Anthony Dale’s character goes to a very dark place

Is Adam leaving Hawaii Five-0: Ian Anthony Dale's character goes to a very dark place
Adam on Hawaii Five-0 is in trouble. Pic credit: CBS

Tonight on Hawaii Five-0, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) did something that he might not be able to take back. He stepped over a line and ended up directly responsible for a Yakuza hit.

Adam was doing what he did to save a life but to cause death to save a loved one is still something that won’t sit right for Steve and the Hawaii Five-0 team.

What did Adam do wrong on Hawaii Five-0?

This week on Hawaii Five-0, Adam was at home with his girlfriend when the Yakuza’s rivals attacked and kidnapped Tamiko.

Adam wanted to save her and he went off on his own instead of relying on his Hawaii Five-0 partners. He called in sick and went on the hunt for the men responsible for the kidnapping.

Adam then went to a bar and dragged out a man with intel on who kidnapped Tamiko, tossed him in his trunk, and left with him.

Adam then delivered the man to the Yakuza and then Tamiko was saved and returned. It looked like everything was good for Adam and Tamiko.

However, with Masuda dead, Kenji moved into the top spot for the Yakuza. He then ordered the death of the man that Adam brought to them. Adam was responsible for the murder of this man.

The bad news is that Adam then got a call from Steve, who ordered him to come to headquarters. See, Adam’s watch was found at the bar the man was taken from.

Is Adam leaving Hawaii Five-0?

Before the season started, showrunner Peter M. Lenkov said that Adam would get some big screen time this season.

The exact wording was that the connection between Adam and Tamiko, who is a Yakuza daughter, would lead to a “morally challenging, impactful story.”

This makes it look like Adam has stepped over the line of morality. However, the storyline won’t lead to Adam leaving Hawaii Five-0 — at least not right now.

Ian Anthony Dale mentioned that the end for Adam could be coming soon, though.

“I think what really makes this different is that he has always sort of teetered with going back to the dark side, but in this case it’s the furthest he has stepped back into that world, you know? And I’m not sure if he’ll be able to come out this time.”

Hawaii Five-0 airs on Friday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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