Infidelity and divorce on The Book of John Gray

The Book of John Gray
Pastor John is not impressed with the sugar, gluten, taste free diet on The Book of John Gray

This week on The Book of John Gray, a family friends visits for some healing and a couple need advice on getting past infidelity so they can get married.

Aventer’s friend Tamera recently divorced and visits the couple for some advice. But Pastor John and his wife disagree over how best to help their friend.

John thinks Tamera should go with them on a double date and get herself back out there a bit but Aventer doesn’t think she is ready yet.

Also on this episode, John meets up with Cleon and Kelly who are looking to get married but need help getting over past indiscretions. Once somebody has cheated can you ever really trust them again? Would you marry someone who had already cheated on you?

Find out how Paster John deals with this tricky situation this week.

Meantime, the pastor has been placed on a diet by his doctor and is watching is food. Though he is pretty unimpressed with the taste-free fare he’s tried so far.

The Book of John Gray airs Saturdays at 10:00 PM on OWN.

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