Immense toll DWTS took on Terra Jole’s family life and friends shown on Little Women: LA

A dishevelled Terra Jole on this week's Little Women: LA
A dishevelled Terra Jole on Little Women: LA as she tries to get things back to normal after DWTS

The immense toll that taking part in Dancing With The Stars took on Terra Jole is revealed tonight on Little Women: LA.

Behind-the-scenes footage shows the full extent of her ordeal as she faced hernia surgery and struggled to heal rifts with her husband Joe and her friends.

Watch a clip below as Terra talks to Joe ahead of her surgery, and she tells Joe she is going to need his support going forward.

He tells her after a long and awkward pause: “That’s what I’m here for. I’m going to help. This is what we signed up for — for better or for worse. But when does the better start happening?”

Terra needed the surgery after deciding to take part in the group performance at the DWTS finale following her exit in the semi-finals.

And she warns Joe that she’s going to need help going forward because she’s aware that she’ll struggle to cope.

She tells producers on this week’s episode of Little Women: LA: “Performing with the group at the Dancing With The Stars finale went perfectly, but now I have to face the consequences — and that means hernia surgery.

“My life has been go go go, and after today’s surgery I know it’s going to force me to slow down whether I like it or not.”

Rifts that formed between Terra and her Little Women co-stars are also revealed, after last week’s episode already showed some of the battles she got into.

Briana Renee says: “Since Terra’s back from Dancing With The Stars I haven’t talked to her.”

Elena Gant, who last week tried to persuade Terra to put her family and friends first, says: “I’m so p***ed off at her being so different from the Terra that I knew.”

She adds “Everyone was so f***ing supportive, and now she’s got two babies and three hernias.”

This week’s Little Women: LA also sees Briana fearful that she might have postpartum depression, while Christy finds recovering from her neck surgery ordeal is even harder than she thought it would be — and she gets annoyed with how little she thinks Todd is helping her out.

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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