Illness plagues University of Louisville ‘Ladybirds’ dance team on So Sharp

Todd Sharp on So Sharp
Todd Sharp reveals to his dancers how one of them is in intensive care on Dance Moms

The University of Louisville “Ladybirds” Dance Team suffer big-time on this week’s episode of Lifetime’s dance series So Sharp — as illness plagues several members of the troupe.

The team’s charismatic coach Todd Sharp needs to pull a group together to perform but is unsure they’ve got what it takes with several different members falling sick.

Watch footage from the episode, titled So Sick, below as Todd talks about how this will be the team’s first performance when they combine all three of their dance styles.

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He knows that because of that they need to be “on their game”. But things aren’t quite going to plan, as he explains: “I’ve got a girl vomiting, girls with fevers…they’re dropping like flies around her.”

At one point he even has to rush to the hospital when one of his dancers ends up in intensive care. He tells the others: “She’s in critical care. Things are very, very bad.”

He adds: “I’m genuinely concerned…is she going to make it?”

The episode also sees dancer Kobie’s captaincy of the team thrown into questions, while team-member Rose is fearful that her place will be taken by Marissa — again.

So Sharp airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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