Ice crystals, demons and frost giants in The Librarians

The Librarians blizzard
Just get the crystal and you’ll be back before you can say we’re stuck in a hotel full of demons in The Librarians

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, a fairly standard mission to retrieve an artefact goes wrong and some of the team spend a night at a demon convention.

In this icy episode Cassandra and Stone are on a mission to retrieve an artefact but during the recovery the crystal embeds itself inside Cassandra.

To make matters worse blizzard means they have to take shelter in a weird hotel, it just happens to be hosting a demon conference and they want the crystal too.

Two frost giants seize fertility godess Freyja
Two frost giants seize fertility and love godess Freyja in Arthur Rackham’s drawing, her name means ‘the Lady’ and it’s where Germanic languages like English get the weekday Friday from

There is also word of frost giant involvement in the origin of the artefact.

The Frost Giants feature in Norse mythology where they are known as the jötunn (meaning glutton or man eater) and inhabit the world of Jötunheimr, where they were banished having been refused entry to Asgard.

They played a complex role in the tales, being seen as both good and evil and even intermarrying with those on Asgard.

Noah Wyle
Noah Wyle directs this episode of The Librarians

Also worth noting for fans that Noah Wyle who plays Flynn Carsen is directing this episode.

Last week the team faced Apep’s werewolves, let’s see how they deal with the demons this week.

Watch The Librarians – And the Reunion of Evil at 8 PM on TNT.

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