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I like potatoes! How to listen to the Mash Potato song from The End of the World

Jessica Barden as Alyssa from The End of the **** World Season 2
Jessica Barden as Alyssa from The End of the **** World Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix

The end of the world has come again on Netflix with our two favorite oddball runaways James and Alyssa.

Season 2 has the two lovebirds being hunted by a new character named Bonnie, who appears to be a damaged sociopath like James. And just like the main characters, her agenda is one of love but also vengeance.

And although this love story might be a quirky battlefield, it also has a complimentary catchy soundtrack to accompany the story. One such song has viewers singing it long after the episode is over involving Mashed Potatoes.

But where can the Mash Potato song be heard? Here is everything to know about the I like potatoes song from The End of the **** World.

How to listen to the Mash Potato song from The End of the **** World

Minor spoilers ahead.

The song in question appears in episode 3 of The End of the **** World Season 2 when Alyssa runs out of her wedding and runs away with James once again. And as both of them flee away to start a strange new journey, the folky lyrics, “I like potato, want to mash my potato, won’t you mash your potato with me?” plays through the scene.

The song in question is performed by Graham Coxon, who also did most of the music for Season 1.

Where can fans listen to Graham Coxon’s upbeat Mash Potato track? Well, unfortunately, the song has not been made available online yet. However, the good news is all of the original songs for the series written by him will release on November 8, which is not a long wait. And the music should be available on platforms like Spotify.

That said, he has made a couple of tracks available online including She Knows and a cover of Billy Idol’s White Wedding. Those tracks can be heard below as well as the upcoming tracklist by Coxon for Season 2.

Here is the upcoming tracklist for The End of the **** World Season 2 by Graham Coxon:

  1. Down To The Sea
  2. Dining Room Stand-Off
  3. Madder Than Me
  4. Mash Potato
  5. A Better Beginning
  6. Bonjour, Monsieur
  7. Bonnie The Kid
  8. Hat
  9. Beautiful Bad
  10. I’ll Race You Home
  11. Layby Eyes
  12. This Time Tomorrow
  13. She Knows
  14. Something Sweet
  15. Wedding March
  16. Fly Away
  17. Threw It Away
  18. Why Are You Crying?
  19. Meaner Than The Sea
  20. Vale

The End of the **** World Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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