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Hunters on Syfy: ‘This will change your belief in God’

Truss Jackson (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) is told about the attack on a patrol
Truss Jackson is told about the attack on a patrol by Finnerman

Hunters on Syfy is reaching its climax — and tonight’s penultimate episode Pretending to See the Future promises to be a thriller.

A preview clip shows a patrol unit slaughtered in Afghanistan in 2009 — but this wasn’t about opium or an attack on the Taliban.

Truss Jackson is taken to inspect the scene by Finnerman, as men lie dead and bloodied in an apparent ambush.

Several fatalities are lying next to each other on the ground, with horrific injuries to their faces.

Truss is told the patrol unit came across opium smugglers, with bags of opium seen on a nearby vehicle and on the ground.

But he says them being “hunted down” doesn’t sound like a typical Taliban attack.

His suspicions are soon confirmed as he is led to a separate body, lying apart from the others under a cover.

Truss is told: “What you are about to see? This changes everything. For start, your belief in God…”

Watch Hunters tonight at 10/9c on Syfy.