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Humans served up as food in gruesome Blood Drive Episode 2

The Pixie Swallow Motel and Diner chef putting a human leg in a grinder while smoking
The chef at the Pixie Swallow Motel and Diner grinds up a human leg for burger meat in Blood Drive

Blood Drive starts where it left off for this week’s Episode 2 — with tanks full of blood and now humans being served up as food at a diner.

Last week’s premiere got off to a gruesome grindhouse start with Christina Ochoa’s Grace D’Argentino feeding two roadside assailants to her human blood-fuelled car.

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The series takes place in a “futuristic” 1999 where water and oil have all but run out and are only available at huge expense.

Climate change has taken hold causing soaring temperatures, and people have built cars that run only on human blood.

Alan Ritchson’s cop Arthur came across the Blood Drive race — which has a $10million prize — by chance while doing detective work.

Grace shoves a man face first into the bonnet of her red car
Grace feeding a man to her human-eating car in the Blood Drive premiere

But when he tried to stop people being killed for use as fuel, he got forced to team up with Grace and take part.

The rules of the race are simple; come last at the end of each stage and you end up getting made into fuel.

In the premiere Arthur and Grace did just that but avoided dying after having sex in their car on the home stretch to cause a surge in adrenalin which deactivated implants in their necks which would have turned their brains to jelly.

Last week the first leg of the race took the racers from LA to Arizona, and this week Arthur and Grace do their best to stay off the menu when they make their first pit stop at the Pixie Swallow Motel and Diner.

Watch the trailer below as Arthur tucks into a “delicious” burger before the camera moves to the kitchen where the chef is grinding up meat — from a human leg.

Blood Drive airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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