How It’s Made looks at vending machines, dive computers and chocolate banana loaves

How are vending machines made
How It’s Made explains how vending machines are made. Credit: CC License Mark Doliner

Tonight on How It’s Made – how do you make a vending machine, cartridge blades, a dive computer or even a chocolate banana loaf?

Most of us use vending machines and razor cartridge blades every day but we have no idea how they are made. Tonight’s show gives us the low down on how these are made and also looks at less common items like dive computers and even a tasty chocolate banana loaf.

Wonder no longer as the show goes behind the scenes and into the factories to shed some light on how these items are created.

Our modern world is full of pre-made foods and items that we take for granted, often having no clue how they are made or even how they work.

How It’s Made aims to change that and answers those questions that you always wanted to ask but that just seemed to too geeky to ask!

Watch How It’s Made  Cartridge Blades, Chocolate Banana Loaves, Vending Machines, Dive Computers tonight at 9/8c PM on Science Channel.

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