How did Devens get back in Survivor? Rick benefits from Edge of Extinction cast twist

Rick Devens has played well on Survivor: Edge of Extinction.
Rick Devens has played well on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Pic credit: CBS

Rick Devens returned to the Survivor cast during an interesting twist this season. The theme of Edge of Extinction involves giving the castaways who have been eliminated at Tribal Council a second chance at the game.

Originally, Devens was the fourth person eliminated this season. He followed Reem Daily, Keith Sowell, and Chris Underwood to Extinction Island.

Each eliminated cast member was given the choice to either keep playing the game or go home. Everyone who has been voted off Survivor this season has taken the opportunity to keep playing. Some have left later, though, like when Keith and Wendy Diaz quit the show after getting tired of the secluded island.

How did Devens get back in Survivor?

During Season 38, episode 6, the first six castaways who had been voted out of the show were given an opportunity to play again. They took part in a challenge, with the winner getting to return to the game.

The challenge was a bit of an obstacle course, designed to be difficult to complete. It was exciting to watch, as viewers knew how important it was for each one of them to win it. In the end, Rick Devens won the bonus challenge, earning a place back in the game.

When Devens got back in Survivor, the tribes had been merged, so he became the 13th person in a very large Vata Tribe. Despite being a target a number of times, Devens has found a way to survive. That includes the May 8 episode, where he was the Tribal Council target until he won the Individual Immunity Challenge.

It’s pretty clear that Rick Devens is really good at the challenges that have taken place on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. But does he have the social game necessary to win the $1 million cash prize? Viewers will find out soon, as the Survivor season finale takes place on Wednesday, May 15.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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