Housemates Kyle and Everett nearly come to blows on Bravo’s Summer House

Kyle Cooke talks about Everett Weston and Lindsay Hubbard's arguments on Summer House
Kyle Cooke talks about Everett Weston and Lindsay Hubbard’s arguments on Summer House

Housemates Kyle Cooke and Everett Weston nearly come to blows on Bravo’s new reality series Summer House — and it’s only Episode 2!

Entrepreneur Kyle is the main man in the house as he organises the house-share in Montauk, Long Island, that he and the other Summer House cast-mates rent out to party away the weekends over the summer.

So when Everett and his new beau Lindsay Hubbard end up constantly bickering — threatening the relaxed atmosphere of the house — he puts his foot down.

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The couple only recently got together after being friends for a few years, and there’s generally a rule of no couples in the summer house — to stop arguments like the ones they keep having.

At one point on this week’s episode their constant bickering starts to grate on several members of the house, because even with their bedroom door closed it’s possible to hear exactly what they are fighting about.

One argument they have centers around a text message Everett receives while they’re out from another woman who works in his building.

And when their arguing stretches to the plunge pool, Kyle has had it — and jumps in to try and break it up.

Lindsay calls him “not cool” for butting in while they’re trying to have a private chat, but he bluntly tells the pair: “This summer is not about your f***ing relationship.”

He adds in an interview with producers: “I organize this house because I want to escape Manhattan and I want to have fun with friends, and you guys want to start World War 3. Guess what? Not in my house.”

He and Everett nearly end up having a full-blown fight when Kyle refuses to leave then brands Everett a “drama queen”.

Everett tells Kyle: “I will drag you through the f***ing dirt before you talk to me like that.

Also on this week’s episode, newly single Jaclyn Shuman gets the attention of the men — but not everyone’s happy about it.

Meanwhile, Carl Radke gets caught not being totally honest, which puts his relationship with Lauren Wirkus at risk.

Summer House airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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