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Hot Date exclusive: Emily and Murph have their differences but nothing good make-up sex won’t fix

Murph and Emily on Hot Date
Murph and Emily recreate their make-up sex on this week’s episode of Hot Date

Emily and Murph from Hot Date have A LOT of differences — but they know how to get over them, and it isn’t with a gentle kiss and a cuddle.

Watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s episode on Pop below, as the couple try to stop friends Nick and Ivy from splitting up by dishing out relationship advice.

They explain how everyone has their differences, then launch into a lengthy list of their own — from sneezes that smell to the Forest Moon of Endor.

But Murph admits: “In the end, fighting’s not so bad — because then comes the make-up sex.” Emily adds: “All that anger turns into passion.”

Let’s just say they’re not afraid of sharing the details!

This week’s episode of Hot Date, executive-produced by Will Arnett along with Big Breakfast, also sees Creighton try to balance his job as a rideshare driver with Elyzabeth, his high maintenance girlfriend.

Meanwhile, two popstar ex-lovers air their dirty laundry via newly released dis-track singles.

Hot Date airs Wednesdays at 11/10c on Pop. 

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