Homestead Rescue exclusive: Marty, Misty, and Matt Raney are returning and there’s a holiday special too!

Discovery has delivered us an early Christmas present with an exclusive first look at The Raney Family of Homestead Rescue returning Wednesday, January 2 with a season special airing Boxing Day, Wednesday, December 26.

On this season of Homestead Rescue, 12 new homesteaders stand on the brink of disaster. In the most dangerous conditions ever and saving more off-grid lives, the trio manages to make some magic happen, but it takes hard work. Homesteading can be a tricky and emotionally draining thing, but not when you can call upon Marty, Misty, and Matt Raney for help.

Marty Raney and his two kids Matt and Misty help rescue failing homesteads for people all across the country. This season is special, because the Raneys have spent so much time helping others create a thriving homestead, that his own begins to have some real issues, so now he’s got to go back to his roots and shore up his own homestead and get it righted.

The Raneys have carved a respectable career in triaging and helping desperate homesteaders across America, people with properties and dreams of self-sustaining off-the-grid lives from the brink of failure.

They use common sense, engineering skills applied in the simplest ways, and fresh ingenuity, as the trio gets to know some struggling families and their journey to a life lived fully on their own terms and not beholden to anyone else.

That means the Raneys teach people how to successfully gather and properly store clean water, plant crops and grow sustainable food and when to do it.

They also teach homesteaders how to manage, feed and keep valuable livestock, and reinforce outbuildings and exteriors while making sure interiors are also drum-tight and not leaking heat or allowing the elements to get in the cracks to damage the house structure.

It’s a lot of work but planning and seeing around potential corners is how the Raneys prepare people to take on their own destiny as a homesteader.

The Raneys bring to the table three uniquely different skillsets, mastering the construction, planning, and water gathering for each family who will have to decide if they can stick it out, learn from the Raneys or hang it up altogether.

Matt, Marty, Misty, Raney each excel at a certain thing and together they are a Homesteader SWAT team. Pic credit: Discovery
Matt, Marty, Misty, Raney each excel at a certain thing and together they are a Homesteader SWAT team. Pic credit: Discovery

From Discovery:

“…The Raneys continue to prove that living off the grid is no easy feat. From the flood-riddled lands of Missouri to the frigid, unrelenting woods of Alaska, this season father Marty, daughter Misty, and son Matt will face some of the most intense challenges yet. To help fulfill these homesteaders’ dreams, the three work tirelessly to locate clean drinking water on toxic lands, build an entire cabin from scratch in 7 days, dig a massive dam in a flood zone, craft life-saving wildfire protection, and automate a homestead to function on its own while its residents are away.

The Raney way is to never say never and to keep doing the job until its done– but will some of these homesteads stump their work ethic and prove to be a fool’s errand?

Homestead Rescue premieres Wednesday, January 2 at 10/9c with a season special airing Wednesday, December 26 at 10/9c on Discovery. 

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