Hoarders Season 10: When does the show return to A&E?

Hoarders is back for a brand new season. Pic credit: A&E

A&E’s hit series, Hoarders, is back for a brand new season. The new season is the 10th of the show and it will tell new terrifying stories of people living in garbage, personal belongings, and on properties that have been neglected over several years.

The new season premieres Tuesday, March 5, at 8/7c on A&E.

A&E has released a short clip of the new season, sharing a story of a couple who refuses to throw away expired food.

The man tries to make the case that the food has an emotional connection to him, even though the clean-up expert tells him that the soda bottles in question expired over three years ago.

That’s when he starts to make the argument that he wasn’t planning on drinking them and she questions whether he’s planning on giving expired food to wild animals.

Hoarders will feature an episode with a man who refuses to get rid of 3-year-old soda. Pic credit: A&E

In the season’s first episode, Hoarders will cover the story of Andy and Becky, who strongly believe that they have the right to live as they please and even call it their constitutional right to have a messy house and property.

However, the city government doesn’t see their 250 tons of hoarding as a right, and the couple soon finds themselves in a battle with the city where they could potentially go to jail and lose their home.

This couple is just one of the many people who get to share their stories on Season 10 of Hoarders. During the second episode, we’ll meet Dale, who is located in Alaska.

Dale saves everything on his property, including decking from the Yukon River Bridge and he has more than 100 cars on his property as well. He’s been hoarded out of his home and must clean it up before winter arrives to stay safe.

Hoarders premieres on Tuesday, March 5 at 8/7c on A&E.

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