Hip-hop meets fishing in Breaking Bass with Carnell ‘Dimension’ Lee and Oliver Ngy

Carnell 'Dimension' Lee in Breaking Bass
Carnell ‘Dimension’ Lee checking out the grill on his fish in Breaking Bass

Hip-hop designed to make the fishies pop is coming to Complex Networks and digital platform go90 today with new series Breaking Bass — starring hip-hop artist Carnell Lee and fishing movement founder Oliver Ngy.

Breaking Bass has a fish-out-of-water premise: Take two pals from different parts of the USA, put rods in their hands, equip them with a powerboat and create one of the most unlikely buddy reality series of all time.

Carnell Lee and Big Bass Dreams founder Oliver Ngy come from different fields but travel the country together to meet and greet fellow anglers of all stripes — smashing stereotypes and showing fishing is for anyone.

Ngy is a respected angler and has made a splash with his viral videos, while Carnell Lee, a musician also known as Dimension, is a SoCal native who discovered his love of fishing while living in Oklahoma.

Oliver Ngy
Oliver Ngy is half of Breaking Bass, a Complex and go90 production

Breaking Bass premieres today exclusively on go90 and debuts new episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the course of an eight-week run.

In the clip below, Ngy says: “We’re on a mission to find the biggest, baddest fish and we’re here to show you that fishing is dope. But isn’t just about the fish, it’s about the journey, the cool people and the crazy places that we discover along the way.”

Together they show viewers the tricks of the big-mouth bass-catching trade as they teach new fishermen and women how to reel in the monsters while exploring each town they roll into after the tackle box is put away.

The series kicks off in Nashville, Tennessee where the crew hits up J. Percy Priest Lake, as they visit the Party Fowl restaurant and bar and a legendary recording studio.

Next stop is Kentucky where a friendly competition is waged. Then over to Arkansas, where Cypress tree-filled waters of Lake Conway pose a serious issue for the boat.


Breaking Bass airs Tuesdays and Thursdays for eight weeks premiering today. The series is airing on Complex and go90.com, a free, digital entertainment platform. Available on the web, iOS and Android, go90 is part of the Verizon Communications family of companies. Anyone with a smartphone can download go90 on the App Store or Google Play.

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