Here’s why The View’s Joy Behar abruptly cut off her co-host mid-sentence

Joy Behar at an event
Joy Behar had to cut off a co-host during the hot topics segment on The View. Pic credit: © StarMaxWorldwide.

Sometimes, Joy Behar can’t help herself on The View and has to speak her mind, even if it seems too harsh.

Joy can go so far during The View that when she’s absent, fans often speculate it is because she’s been suspended.

In this tense political year, the ladies all have deep feelings over who should hold office in the United States, especially who should be elected president.

During a recent hot topic segment at the beginning of an episode of The View, Alyssa Farah Griffin was the lone Republican voice at a table filled with Democrats.

After Joy spoke about the upcoming presidential debates, Alyssa seemed to feel she would not have much time to express her thoughts in the allotted time, so she hurried.

Joy thought she was speaking too fast, perhaps erratically, so she stopped and asked Alyssa to slow down.

Joy stopped Alyssa mid-sentence to tell her to slow down, and fans seemed to agree

Joy can either stop the ladies in their tracks or get them all blushing; it depends on what she feels is necessary to keep the show running smoothly. In this case, Joy needed Alyssa to stop and breathe so she could understand what she was trying to say.

Alyssa started sputtering and was hard to follow. She said, “I wish we could get to a place…Respect…We look like morons…” It all ran together, and she started to slur some words and play with her hair.

It looked as if it was too much for the other ladies to follow coherently, and Joy stopped it.

Joy seemed to have trouble following Alyssa, so she cut her off by saying, “Talk a little bit slower so I can follow you.” Alyssa then blurted out, “Speaking of drugs, I’m just joking,” as Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin burst out laughing.

Fans started to notice Alyssa and spoke out or shared funny gifs on X (formerly Twitter).

Another fan seemed to agree with Joy and said, “Alyssa really! What? #theview.”

A fan posted on X about The View

Exciting news for The View just announced

The View’s beloved host, Barbara Walters, will be honored with a documentary that will air next year on Hulu.

ABC News Studios will partner with Imagine Documentaries to screen a long-awaited documentary about the life of Barbara Walters.

Barbara created and co-hosted The View for 17 years, and this documentary will give fans a deeper look at her life and career.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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