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Hannity Special looks at the promises made by Donald Trump during the election

Hannity Special: Trump's Promises
Hannity Special: Trump’s Promises looks back at some of the statements made during the election

Hannity Special: Trump’s Promises looks back at the many promises made by President-elect Trump whilst he was campaigning during the election.

Topics covered include immigration where Trump famously promised to build a wall with Mexico, the economy where he promised to increase jobs in coal mining and car manufacturing and ISIS where he promised aggressive military action against them.

You can read the President Elect’s 100 day plan, as it was, here.

Trump has already made more muted comments on several of these topics, most recently during his recent interview with the New York Times.

Will he live up to his promises or will he strike a more centrist and pragmatic path?

Meantime, host Sean Hannity has been in the news himself after he advised Trump to deny access to just about every other news source.

Speaking on his radio show he said: “Why should CNN have a seat in the White House press room? Why should NBC have a seat there? Why should The New York Times have a seat there, or Politico? They all think they’re journalists, they’re all full of crap, and they’ve all been exposed.”

Of course he has himself been criticised for softball interviews and bias.

Catch Hannity Special: Trump’s Promises at 10 PM on Fox News.

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