Hank Baskett fears book will reignite transgender ‘cheating’ scandal, Kendra Wilkinson says

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett talking on Kendra On Top
Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett discuss her mom Patti’s book on Kendra on Top

Kendra Wilkinson says her husband Hank Baskett fears a tell-all book written by her mom Patti will reignite the alleged cheating scandal which nearly ended their marriage.

In 2014, it was claimed Baskett cheated on Kendra with transgender model Ava Sabrina London — who also uses the name Ava Masaniai — while Kendra was eight months pregnant, and then allegedly “begged” her to cover up the scandal.

A year later in 2015 Hank, who has two kids with Kendra, Hank IV, 7, and Alijah, 3, denied in an interview with People that he had engaged in “mutual masturbation” but said he had “frozen” when he was “fondled” through his basketball shorts while trying to buy marijuana.

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In a separate interview, in 2016, Kendra revealed how it took the couple undergoing two years of intense therapy sessions to work things out and move forward together as a family.

Tonight on Kendra’s WE tv show Kendra on Top she reveals to her BFF Jessica Hall how Hank is worried about her mother Patti writing a tell-all book in case it brings up the scandal again.

She says: “He’s afraid that my mom’s going to write about the ‘thing’.” Pressed on what the “thing” is, she says: “You know, the ‘thing’…the scandal.”

Kendra — who recently appeared on Marriage Boot Camp with her mother — then tells producers: “My mom writing this book can create so much damage, and so much pain.

“Everyone who reads tabloids or social media knows that three years ago, when Hank got involved in a huge scandal, that was the lowest point in our marriage.

“She would have to write about that, to give her version of the story. And the last thing that Hank needs is for that to come up again.”

Asked by Jessica if she really thought her mom would write about that, Kendra says: “Why wouldn’t she? You’re telling me she’s going to write about everything but that?”.

Tonight’s first episode of Kendra on Top also sees Patti agreeing to meet with a famous book publisher about the book, but she decides not to tell Kendra.

Meanwhile, in the second episode Patti secretly meets with the book publisher, who asks her to dish the dirt on Kendra. And Hank loses the plot when he finds out that Patti’s book could be a “tell-all”.

He says: “If Patti didn’t hesitate to bash me in tabloids and magazines and things like that, why would she hold punches when it comes to writing her book?”

Will Hank and Patti Ever Get Along? | Kendra on Top | WE tv

Kendra on Top airs Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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