Growing Up Hip Hop’s Vanessa Simmons calls Briana Latrise the biggest diva, says Kodak Black is disrespectful

Vanessa Simmons on Growing Up Hip Hop
Vanessa Simmons takes aim at Briana Latrise. Pic credit: WEtv

Vanessa Simmons isn’t typically one to step in the drama but when faced with a few direct questions during a recent interview with Domenick Nati, she was quick to open up, sharing her opinion on a few of today’s hottest topics.

Naturally, the first thing Vanessa was asked about was in regard to the biggest divas on Growing Up Hip Hop. While she said that she didn’t really like to gossip about others, she did say that she felt Briana Latrise was one of the biggest divas on the WEtv series.

Then, Vanessa shut down any further comment on her GUHH co-star saying that she didn’t want to give her any more attention and she’d like to keep the interview positive.

Moving right along, Nati asked Vanessa Simmons how she felt about Kodak Black’s recent headlines.

I definitely think there’s a lot of disrespect going on. I never like to poke my nose into business that’s not mine but, you know, it’s hard to ignore with social media when you see everything that’s happening and I definitely think that there’s DEFINITELY a lot of disrespect there and I think we need to have a little more respect for the people who came before us.

Clearly, Vanessa Simmons is not down for Kodak Black’s disrespect and commented on his “out of pocket comments.”

When it comes to the #MeToo movement, she told Domenick Nati that she’s all for the movement and supports the women who are finding the courage to speak out. She didn’t want to go into detail about her uncle, Russell Simmons, own accusations though

Be sure to check out the entire Vanessa Simmons interview with The Domenick Nati Show below.

Growing Up Hip Hop is expected to return for Season 5 in Summer 2019. 

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