Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive: Master P checks Romeo — ‘We gotta hustle before we play’

Romeo Miller outside by the pool on Growing Up Hip Hop
Romeo assures his dad that he’s working on Growing Up Hip Hop. Pic credit: WEtv

On the next episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, Romeo Miller will get an unexpected visit from his dad. When Master P shows up, he catches Romeo surrounded by women at the pool.

Master P hands him a script for I Got The Hookup 2 and wants to know why they’re all playing outside instead of working.

Romeo assures his father that he is working and that they are getting things done but that he’s “only one man.” To that, Master P reminds him that yes, he is only one man but he’s Romeo Miller and therefore, he needs to hustle and get his work done.

But when Romeo turned to Jojo to vouch for him, he really doesn’t want to do anything to make Master P mad and can you blame him?

Master P wastes no time lecturing his son and all the hard work it takes to star in and produce a film, which is what Romeo is doing with I Got The Hookup 2.

While Romeo is clearly working and getting things done, including filming Growing Up Hip Hop and working on new music, his dad really wants him to buckle down and get to work on his new movie too.

As he walks away, Master P shouts back at his son, “This is what I wanna be doing! I wanna be living like this!”

“We workin’ pops!” Romeo responds.

To that, Master P replies, “Guess what? We gotta hustle before we play!”

Romeo promised that he’d get the work done and it’s clear that Master P will make sure of that.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on WEtv.

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