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Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta exclusive — Jermaine Dupri shows tough love to daughter Shaniah

If you think having Jermaine Dupri as a boss would be tough, try having him as a dad. In the upcoming episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, Dupri sits down with his daughter, Shaniah Mauldin to see what she’s been working on lately and what he finds out doesn’t make daddy happy.

Shaniah explains in the confessional that her dad is a busy man. Even she has a hard time pinning him down for some one-on-one time but she finally got a chance and she wanted to use it to talk about her clothing line.

It turns out, Jermaine Dupri also had questions about Shaniah’s clothing line or the lack thereof since she hasn’t been working on it lately. The reason, she explains, is that she feels like her dad just isn’t taking her passion for fashion seriously.

So instead of working on the line independently, Shaniah decided to take a break from her clothing line. This news doesn’t make Jermaine happy.

In this Monsters & Critics exclusive clip, Shaniah explained that she didn’t feel like she was fully supported by her dad. She even told him that she wanted to hear that he believed in her and that she had access to whatever she needed.

Shaniah meets up with Jermaine Dupri on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. Pic credit: WeTV
Shaniah meets up with Jermaine Dupri on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. Pic credit: WeTV

On the other hand, Dupri says Shaniah had access to whatever she needed and that he just wanted to make sure she knew what she was doing before heading out to present her ideas to the world.

It looks like Shaniah needs to do a bit more work and the father-daughter duo need to do more communicating. Something they are clearly working on in the latest Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta sneak peek.

In the confessional, Jermaine explains that he wants to let his kids learn to find their own way. He’ll be there to help them but he wants them to put in the hard work, just like he did.

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WeTV. 

Shaunee Flowers is the Reality TV Editor at Monsters & Critics, more

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