Grizzly bear charges taxidermist Wilf Lloyd in I Was Prey: Close Encounters

Taxidermist Wilf Lloyd
We wonder how taxidermist Wilf Lloyd’s sense of irony is after he was attacked by a bear!

This week I Was Prey: Close Encounters examines the case of a taxidermist charged by a grizzly bear and a spearfisherman attacked by a bull shark.

It was back in 2014 when the then 56-year-old Wilf Lloyd was out on the family’s annual elk hunting expedition. He and his hunting partner were near Fernie, B.C., when he heard a noise nearby.

He looked up to see a grizzly bear just feet away and on full charge. Wilf yelled out a warning and tried to get up and grab his gun but the bear was too fast. In what seemed like an instant it smashed into his chest and was on top of him, pawing for his face and throat.

Wilf jams his whole arm into the bear’s mouth and his hunting partner Skeet manages to shoot the animal in the shoulder. It released his arm but as he tried to kick the bear away another shot from his friend hit him instead of the bear!

The bear kept on charging until they evenutually manged to kill it.

Also on this episode, spearfisherman Anthony Segrich is way out at sea and diving deep when he is attacked by a bull shark, it lift him alive but with 190 stitches and a limp!

I Was Prey: Close Encounters airs Thursdays at 10:00 P.M. on Animal Planet.

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