Grey’s Anatomy return 2019: Preview from ABC continues windstorm

Grey's Anatomy picks up with the staff and patients trapped in elevators.
Grey’s Anatomy returns with plenty of drama. Pic Credit: ABC

Grey’s Anatomy is back following the dramatic fall finale that left many of the characters in increasingly desperate straights, after a huge windstorm slammed into Grey Sloan.

The last episode saw many of the main players dealing with tense situations during the Seattle windstorm. At the end of the episode, the power went out at Grey Sloan, freezing elevators in place around the hospital.

As the first Grey’s Anatomy of 2019 gets going, staff and patients are trapped in elevators. It’s going to be a very intense episode, with a lot of life-and-death situations for the cast.

Grey’s Anatomy return 2019 preview

According to ABC, the windstorm continues to blow through Seattle in the new episode. The power is out at Grey Sloan and doctors must work hard to save their patients’ lives.

In addition to the life-and-death situation, which includes Meredith trying to get to Cece for her heart transplant, one trio of characters have to deal with some drama. Owen, Amelia, and Teddy are going to confront the baby situation (finally). Are there going to be a lot of tears from these cast members?

Season 15 Episode 9 has a lot to cover. That includes what took place in that ambulance at the end of the fall finale. Will there be a new relationship brewing at Grey Sloan?

Which characters are going to survive the dramatic Seattle windstorm? And why is ABC delaying the Station 19 return date for so long, when it is supposed to take place on the same day as the Grey’s Anatomy return date?

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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