Greenpeace discovers illegal shark fins and Sea Shepherd heads to Antarctica on Ocean Warriors

Ocean Warriors
The Sea Shepherd heads south to Antarctica on Ocean Warriors

Greenpeace has its hands full on this episode of Ocean Warriors as it confronts a captain with illegal shark fins in his hold.

Meantime, marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd are headed to icy fishing ground near Antarctica where illegal fishing could threaten the Antarctic toothfish and other parts of this delicate environment.

Antarctic toothfish can reach 1.7 meters in length and weigth 260lb. Fishing them is not illegal as there is a fishery in the Ross Sea, governed managed by the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

However, it is a controversial fishery and boats have to be licensed and have take along several scientific observers.

Ocean Warriors Sea Shepherd
The captain briefs the crew on the illegal fishing going on in the area, suspect vessels are listed on the white board

Criminal gangs operate several fishing vessels out in this most remote of fishing grounds and Interpol has them on its list. The Sea Shepherd teams up with another ship to try and confront these possibly armed criminals.

Also on this episode, a stockpile of explosives is found in Tanzania – a supply essential for one of the most destructive illegal fishing methods.

Catch Ocean Warriors – Truth and Lies 10 PM on Animal Planet.

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