HBO Max creating Green Lantern series for 2022 release date

HBO Max creating Green Lantern series for 2022 release
The different members of the Green Lantern Corps. Pic credit: DC Comics

HBO Max is the new home for DC Comics properties, similar to how Disney+ is the home for Marvel.

This means all DCEU movies will eventually make their way to HBO Max and the streaming service will also create its own streaming series based in the world of the DC Universe.

A series based on DC’s popular Gotham P.D. comics is already announced as coming, rumored to be based in the world of Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

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Now, Green Lantern is also coming to HBO Max.

Green Lantern begins production in April 2021

In a new listing from the Film & Television Industry Alliance, HBO Max will start work on filming the Green Lantern series on April 12, 2021.

The series will not solely focus on Green Lantern on Earth but will instead be a Green Lantern Corps series. It will include everyone from Alan Scott and Guy Gardner to Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kilowog, and Sinestro.

It is also rumored to take place over different timelines, from the early days to the present day DCEU.

It is also produced by Marc Guggenheim, who told why this was better as an HBO Max series than as a movie.

The good news is that it will be made with the production values one would expect from a theatrical film.

“I happen to believe — and this is not a universally-held opinion — that you can’t do a ten-hour show or an eight-episode show, like an 8-hour movie,” Guggenheim said.

“Even though it’s streaming, even though hopefully people will binge it, you’ve got to make each episode a satisfying meal. You’ve got to look at it with a different tempo than you would have in a two-hour movie.”

What is the Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps is something that most fans of Green Lantern should know about. It appeared in Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie, the animated Green Lantern movies and TV shows, and the comics.

The Guardians of the Universe believed that the universe needed a force for good, a cosmic law enforcement organization.

The Guardians created Power Rings, rings of advanced technology allowing wearers to project green beams of energy that could conjure objects of any size or shape, limited only by his or her imagination and willpower.

They then assigned each Green Lantern to a specific part of the universe.

The Earth has had a handful of Lanterns protecting it, starting with Alan Scott in the Golden Age, then Hal Jordan in the Silver Age, and finally names like Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz.

Green Lantern should hit HBO Max in 2022.

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