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Golfkicks on Shark Tank: Traction kit transforms ordinary sneakers into golf shoes

Golfkicks on Shark Tank
Golfkicks transform your sneakers into golf shoes. Pic credit: ABC.

Golfkicks is a new product that will be featured on the next episode of Shark Tank. Golfkicks was started by three friends — Tyler Stuart, John Krosky and Matt Mockus — from Denver Colorado. The friends had trouble finding golf shoes that were comfortable and stylish, so they came up with the idea of transforming sneakers (Chucks, Jordans, Adidas and Nikes) into golf shoes by adding traction to them.

The three friends experimented with several prototype versions of kits that add traction to shoes, and after quite a bit of trial and error, they finally came up with what they considered to be viable solutions. They launched a Kickstarter campaign for a startup that has offered greater freedom of footwear choice to golfers around the world.

There are two versions Golfkicks. Version 2 is made from nylon and Version 3 is made from metal.

Golfkicks traction kits are mounted on the flat sole of shoes to provide traction. They are best used for flat rubber soles that are at least one-third of an inch thick to prevent the cleats from pushing through. Don’t use Golfkicks if your shoes already have traction.

Users install Golfkicks on the flat area of the sole. Four cleats can be mounted in the heels and four in the fore-foot. To install them you first use a Sharpie to mark the spots on the soles where you want to install the kits. You then make pilot or pre-drill holes (if necessary) and screw in your Golfkicks  (see video below) using the screwdriver provided by the manufacturer.

You may need to first make pilot holes depending on the traction kit and the type of sole. Version 2 Golfkicks kits include tools you need to make pilot holes, but you won’t need to make them if you are using Version 3 (metal) cleats. You will need a pilot hole for shoes, such as Jordan 11s, that have a layer of carbon fiber over the rubber soles.

Care must be taken to avoid losing air pressure when Golfkicks are installed on Nike Airs that have their air bladders very close to the sole.

Once installed, Golfkicks are best permanently kept in place because repeatedly removing and re-installing them could weaken and damage the sole material and make it unable to hold the cleats in place. Also, avoid screwing in the cleats too hard to avoid damaging sole material.

You may also need to use a little Shoe Goo to keep your Golfkicks permanently in place.

How long your Golfkicks stay on without falling out also depends on the sole material. The best material for holding Golfkicks in place are high carbon rubber soles. Foam rubber soles perform poorer.

Golfkicks should not be worn indoors as they may damage the floor and also cause injury on slippery indoor surfaces.

Who are the founders of Golfkicks?

Tyler Stuart, who is the CEO, is an entrepreneur and design enthusiast who has managed several successful startups in the past. John Krosky, an advertisement, customer relations, and management professional, is the Chief Revenue Officer.

Matt Mockus is the executive officer and promoter. He specializes in lead generation and customer acquisition across electronic media platforms.

Tyler, John, and Matt are outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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