Gold Rush’s Monica Beets: I’m simple woman, all I need to be happy is to move dirt

Monica on Gold Rush
Monica moves dirt with an excavator on this week’s episode of Gold Rush

On tonight’s Gold Rush, the golden goose is still laying eggs for the Beets family.

Tony is married to Minnie Beets, and has daughter Monica Beets and two sons Kevin Beets and Mike Beets on the payroll too. The kids are Yukon [Canada] natives, although dad hails from the Netherlands.

In our exclusive clip from tonight’s episode below, the lucky and hardworking Beets crew are still at Eureka creek.

One of the few women in the series, Monica is at the controls of an excavator as she moves paydirt for her salty language-spouting boss and dad Tony.

The big dredge is out of action so Tony has put Monica in charge of getting their traditional mining operation up and running.

She says: “Kinda nice to finally be working on, you know, my own s**t. I’m a simple woman, all I need to be happy is to move dirt. But Kevin’s dredge is down so it puts a lot of pressure on me to move dirt.”

While Monica strips out a new center cut, brother Kevin Beets is racing to resurrect a wash plant.

Kevin says: “Right now we don’t have anything running. Time really isn’t on my side right now. We just gotta get up and get it going.”

To load the wash plant, Tony has promised Monica a second excavator.

“So, how’s it going?” asks Tony, whose heavy Dutch accent begs for subtitles so his words are captured accurately.

“Good, we’re just about ready to go here…but I’m missing a hoe,” says Monica

“Yeah, well…no, I don’t think you’re missing a hoe, what I was thinking of doing is I was going to take the pipe layer…ya? And then I was gonna put an excavator attachment on that…then that would make a nice little f***** hoe to feed the box wouldn’t it?”

Monica is confused and says: “Is that a thing?”

Tony says: “That’s how it was built, it’ll be absolutely no different.”

Monica is doubtful and says: “If you say so.”

Tony is super sure of his plan and says: “Oh I know so, I’ll show ya, let’s go!”

The team uses machinery and brute strength to get the pins out that have rusted in the cog, as they use a hydraulic ram to get their dredge going.

Will Tony’s plan to unstick the pins work? Tony says (in our imaginary interview): “For f***’s sake ya!”

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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