Gold Rush: White Water Season 2 brings back the Dakota Boys, nuggets are found in the raging torrents

The highly anticipated Season 2 of Discovery’s breakout smash hit spinoff from Gold Rush, Gold Rush; White Water was announced and is coming back in January of 2019.

The network is primed and ready to keep the enthusiasm going for fans who love to see nature’s riches pulled out of the ground…or the water. Gold is alluring and the race to find it all the more exhilarating with the crack production team the network has assembled to film the Dakota Boys in action up in Alaska.

Who are The Dakota Boys?

For those new to the series, the father and son duo of Dakota Fred Hurt and Dustin Hurt are back for a second season. The Dakota Boys are back on their own series but have appeared in some episodes of the original Gold Rush series too.

The Dakota Boys are father Fred Hurt and his son Dustin Hurt. For the fans, it is important to note that despite Fred Hurt’s age (he is in his seventies) he is risking it all in a death-defying hunt for gold in the remote mountains of Southeast Alaska.

His overall vigor and fitness are impressive.  A widower, Fred remarried in 2016, taking Jennifer Sheets as a bride, and Tony and Minnie Beets were at his wedding!

His son Dustin Hurt has a more intense personality than his dad, as he often is filmed having a fit about something going wrong.

Read our interview with Fred Hurt from last season here!

The producers are the same people from the number one rated series on Discovery, as Gold Rush continues to earn this honor as the series focuses on gold mining in Alaska and the lower 48 states with a core group lead by Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets and now Rick Ness. The Dakota Boys were once part of the mix.

Dustin Hurt is rigging up something to allow them to get down to the bedrock. Pic credit: Discovery
Dustin Hurt is rigging up something to allow them to get down to the bedrock. Pic credit: Discovery

What to expect

Dakota Fred and his son Dustin are pulling up gold nuggets in the icy insanely strong torrents of glacier-fed McKinley Creek. They need heated wetsuits to get down safely to the freezing plunge pools.

The season poses the question: Have they bitten off more than they can chew? Discovery says, “The Alaskan wilderness is as brutal as ever — as they battle against ferocious weather, flash floods, falling boulders and hungry bears.”

Wow, couple that with guaranteed catastrophic equipment failures (they always happen in cold or hot extremes), how will The Dakota Boys weather the odds and their own tempers?

What happened last season?

Last season on Gold Rush: White Water, their search for gold ended when a landslide sent a flash flood right through their mine site. Three months of hard work was wiped out virtually overnight, and it happened days after their giant gold haul of the season.

Determined to not repeat the mistakes of Season 1, the Dakota Boys are back with more experienced (and a bigger) crew and a beefy powerful second dredge.

The tantalizing bedrock is where they know the gold awaits, just beneath the creek bed. This season will hurl all sorts of unpredictable conditions, that you can count on,

Who is back?

Dakota Fred Hurt and Dustin Hurt, plus retired Marine Sgt. Carlos Minor, Texan brothers Wes and Paul Richardson, greenhorn Rich Webster and Arizona miner Casey Morgan are all going to be on Season 2 of Gold Rush: White Water. They all have dreams of striking a vein of gold.

Gold Rush: White Water returns on Friday, January 4, at 10/9c on Discovery. Viewers will also be able to catch the current season, along with the past season on the Discovery GO app – free with their paid TV subscription.

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