Gold Rush: White Water exclusive sees insane gold nugget jackpot haul from Dustin Hurt

Signs of the jackpot are written all over Dustin's face. Pic credit: Discovery .
The reaction to the beginning of the anticipated jackpot is written all over Dustin’s face. Pic credit: Discovery.

On tonight’s Gold Rush: White Water, fans of recovered treasure will absolutely love the episode as Dustin Hurt, son of Dakota Fred, is set to hit the jackpot at Rainbow’s End.

And as you can see by the photo above that shows Dustin’s reaction to the initial clean up of the pay dirt from the waters below, he is stoked about the day’s work. Hurt is ready to see what else is down at the bottom of the creek.

The father and son duo of Fred and Dustin Hurt are up for the task. The unorthodox mining methods they employ may require physical strength and mental fortitude to handle the difficult terrain and predators.

However, the payoff is grand — their tenacity and grit are up to the task to pluck this gilded gift from the planet.

Now wearing a wet suit and just up from the frigid creek, Dustin Hurt opens up our exclusive clip as Paul tells him that the slurry coming up is dark in color, and that bodes well for finding nuggets and gold pieces of every size.

Ahead of him, Dustin already knows he sucked up some gold pieces of size in the underwater dredge.

Paul tells him: “Yeah you got dark material coming over again, so there’s a lot of gold in there that you’re not even seeing as well…”

The camera pans on The pan which holds the evidence that Dustin is going to have a good day. Pic credit: Discovery
The camera pans on the pan, which holds the evidence that Dustin is going to have a good day. Pic credit: Discovery

This news is music to Dustin’s ears as he grins and sees bits of gold big enough to pick up with his fingers.

He says: “The good news is it’s so much more to take down that date it’s pretty amazing…come on baby tell me something … I know I saw a couple nuggets going in!”

Whoops and hollers as the gold reveals itself in the pan and sluicing.

The entire team huddles around the sluice box as the bits of gold are stacking up, and they are certainly larger than their Gold Rush brothers’ regular gold dust hauls.

In Alaska, there are raging rivers that have spent eons pounding rocks and exposing gold veins, all while depositing chunks of gold in frigid pools and river bottoms.

Only the fittest and smartest know how to find the likely places to scout for the gold lying in wait and get it.

If you are addicted to “finding treasure” shows like Curse of Oak Island or Cooper’s Treasure, this particular spin-off of Gold Rush will satisfy you to no end.

There are no long yarns of explorers of yore or cryptic maps and clues left behind, other than mother nature’s unique way of revealing her treasures over time.

Dustin could hit the jackpot and even discover a solid vein of gold this season, so make sure to tune in and see what else he pulls up tonight.


Gold Rush: White Water airs Fridays at 10p on Discovery.

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