Gold Rush: Parker Schnabel’s extra horsepower fails him as hopper feeder refuses to budge

Parker gives it a go behind the wheel…and it still goes south. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s episode of Gold Rush, it’s a case of giant machinery getting stuck in the mud as three men try to solve a problem — and create an even bigger one.

In the clip below, we see Parker Schnabel’s crew of Mitch Blaschke and Brennan Ruautt trying to sort out the giant hopper feeder which has become immobile and stuck in deep dirt and rocks.

Brennan is seen in the top of the clip saying: “Parker wasn’t happy the pad was not ready…but it’s not my fault, not much we can do about it. We just haven’t had the machines to do it… so it is frustrating.”

Despite Brennan being several hours away from completing the pad,
Parker sends in Mitch Blaschke to remove the hopper feeder with a truck.

Mitch thinks this will be pretty easy, saying: “We’ll take it, a little digging she’ll be ready to come out…” Impatient, Parker interjects and says: “Let’s just pull this f****** thing ahead.”

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The frustration levels are rising as the machinery refuses to budge. Parker, who has gotten into the cab, adds: “S***, come on, let’s go! You must be joking. I think we need more horsepower.”

Pointing to the tires sunk into the soil and rock, Mitch says: “See what we are fighting here…a lot of this wet material we’ve been running a little bit, it’s been boiling out to come back here. Turned into concrete right around the axles and the tires of our hopper feeder here.”

A metal chain is connected between the truck and Brennan’s dozer for a tow out, in a bid to pull the entombed hopper feeder from the dirt. It appears to be pretty sturdy.

Mitch has looped the chain between the two vehicles and says: “Don’t pull too hard…easy now, we’re getting somewhere.”

Parker is inside the cab of the hopper feeder giving him hand signals to keep the engine revving and to pull him out, then calamity strikes. Despite all their efforts, the chain suddenly snaps and breaks, causing them to be suddenly sitting back at square one.

Also tonight, one of Rick’s crew comes down with a deadly illness, and we also see Monica Beets get married!

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery and is also available on Discovery Go.

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