Gold Rush exclusive: Tony Beets on the brink during operation ‘Pearson Box’

Tony Beets on Gold Rush
Tony Beets is determined to get that Pearson Box on Gold Rush. Pic credit: Discovery

Do you know what a Pearson Box is?

Well, gather up because you will get a tutorial tonight as the Dutchman aka Tony Beets aka The Viking of Discovery’s mining juggernaut Gold Rush is freaking out about getting his 6,000 ounces. And he resorts to a lesser known method of getting it.

Tony is driving his truck to the site and he says, “We gotta do 6,000 ounces, putting all his ducks in a f****** dredge.”

Ducks? A dredge? The Pearson Box is described as an archaic bit of mining equipment.

Tony is driving Kevin, his son, and says: “We have to do 6,000 ounces this year…and they gotta come from somewhere. And I ain’t gonna put all my ducks on the bleeping dredges.”

He adds: “So what I think I am gonna do is put a Pearson Box in there.”

“What the hell?” says Kevin who has no idea what he is talking about.

A Pearson Box is old school mining equipment. There are no moving parts. Instead the monster spray bars pound 9,000 gallons of water a minute on the pay dirt.

As it does this the water separates all the worthless rocks through the center chute and sends the gold-rich material down through the screen bed where the gold settles in the sluices. All nice and shiny waiting on Beets to scoop it up.

But there is a huge problem. The Pearson Box that Tony is seeking out is pretty much melded with the earth and so deeply sunken into the soil that heavy equipment is needed to extricate it. It looks to be impossible to get out of the dirt.

Tony mans the dozer as he tries to lift the “a** end up” and free the Pearson Box for use.

And things seem to be going well. Then they don’t.

In the end of our exclusive clip, Beets’ dozer nearly topples over from the resistance the buried Pearson Box is giving him.

Meanwhile, last week we reported on just how well his daughter Monica is doing.

Monica Beets looking happy until disaster struck. Pic credit: Discovery

Monica Beets was killing it in the gold-retrieval department — while her brother and father lagged behind.

Read our exclusive interview with Monica Beets here!

It appeared that her dad’s dream of a 6,000-ounce season rested squarely on her shoulders. And she’s been pulling up a lot of gold and gloating about it all mightily.

But just like her dad Tony, overconfidence got the best of her when he machine broke down.

Watch tonight as Tony may or may not have gone overboard as he yanks that pesky buried Pearson Box out of the dirt, but will his idea work and will he make the 6,000-ounce goal for the competitive season which is wrapping up soon?

Tune in tonight to see if Juan Ibarra is called to rescue Tony and just how easy or hard it is to get gold from this contraption — if it ever gets up and running.

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery

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