Gold Rush exclusive: Tony Beets fumes and Monica is MIA as the Hunker cut floods

Tony Beets In Action
Tony Beets surveys the flooded Hunker Cut and wonders where Monica is, and calls Kevin. Pic credit: Discovery

On the next episode of Gold Rush, there’s a major emergency at Team Beets in Hunker Creek.

Specifically, it is Monica Beets’ work area, where she has carved out a large rectangle of pay to mine and sluice, but the spring thaw has flooded most of the cut — it sits on a hill slope.

In our exclusive clip, we see her colorful father, Tony Beets, arrive to see that this stretch of promising pay has been obliterated by a flood. It ruins the day’s schedule.

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Known as the Dutchman, Tony Beets is renown for his salty language and his big heart. He relies on his family to get that gold.

Yet, when he sees this soggy mess, he loses his mind.

There should not be a lake where promising pay dirt should be ready to sift and sort. In their business, time is big money.  So, naturally, you are probably wondering, just how many f***s does Tony give?

A lot! We counted them, actually, and he gives 10 “effs” in the blistering course of one minute in our clip.

Surveying the damage, Tony opens the action by saying: “Holy s***!”  Submerged under four feet of water is Tony’s hopes and dreams on Hunker cut, wedged between Hunker Creek and a steep hillside.

Immediately, Beets radios for Monica and learns via her brother, Kevin, that Miss Monica is MIA and allegedly under the weather.

He summons Kevin to get there on the double to pump out the lake and get this problem under control.

But that’s not going to happen immediately, as Kevin sideswipes a huge tree and the clip ends with uncertain disaster as the tree is shown falling. But which way?

Now, if you think Tony is actually mad at Monica, think again.

In a previous interview with Monica Beets, Monsters & Critics learned that the pretty blonde miner with mad gold finding skills is quite sure she is her dad’s favorite of the three hard-working kids that keep Team Beets in the black on Gold Rush.

Since her early teens, she’s been a complete and total asset to mom, Minnie, and Tony’s lucrative business. She plans on finding loads of gold and bucking the status quo and mindset that a lot of male miners have about women in general.

And about her mother, Minnie? Monica told us: “Well, Mom is a great role model. She doesn’t take s**t from anybody, which is great. Especially in a really male-oriented workforce, you have to have that attitude. You can’t let the s**t get under your skin.

You have to be strong, roll with the punches, and know, that as s**tty as it is, you’re always going to have to prove yourself because you’re a woman in the work field.”

Make sure to tune in to see if Monica is actually in the official Tony Beets dog house and if Kevin survives his task to pump Hunker cut. The tree incident cliffhanger in our clip is the big wild card.

Also, hopefully, we will catch up with their brother, Mike, to see how he is faring this episode.

Gold Rush:  Flooded

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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