Gold Rush exclusive: Monica Beets kills it in the gold department…until disaster strikes

Monica Beets looking happy until disaster strikes. Pic credit: Discovery

On this week’s episode of Gold Rush, Monica Beets says she is “killing it” in the gold-retrieval department — while her brother and father lag behind.

Monica Beets, who is looking amazing while she hard-hats in her daily grind, is all pedal-to-the-metal as she high-tails the dozer around while talking up a big game.

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It appears that her dad Tony Beets’ dream of a 6,000 ounce season rests squarely on Monica’s shoulders. And she’s reveling in the spotlight!

Inside the cab of the dozer, a smiling and super-happy Monica says: “Dredge one has been down for a little while.” Completely locked in to making her goals, she adds: “It would be nice if we can get it back up and running soon because it does need to start pulling its weight with gold raised — because right now my plant is killing it!”

Monica is fully confident that her day’s take will add more gold to the Beets pile and she says: “We’ve got close to a thousand ounces out of just my plant which is f****** aces.”

Suddenly we hear a bad noise that sounds like clanging or breaking glass. A startled Monica asked: “What was that?” Sounds like this are never good news.

Panicked, Monica runs over to the main switch and says: “Oh s***” as she runs up to kill the engines. This alerts Juan Ibarra, who is the main mechanic and engineer for the Beets crew.

Juan comes over quickly to see what is up and happening with Monica’s rig.

Monica tells the camera: “We’ve got a clogged run and what that means is that we’ve got a hole in the screen…”

Juan arrives and asks what is going on. She tells him the bad news: “We’ve got a hole in our top screen.”

Apprehensive and knowing that any issues with the screen cost time and money, Juan asks: “How bad is it?”

Looking less confident than at the start of the clip, Monica tells him: “I’ve got two runs blocked off…”

Juan takes a look over the wall and down at the screen area and says, “Oh crap.”

See how Monica and Juan solve the issue tonight as Gold Rush returns — and make sure to tune into Gold Rush: White Water as well after the show airs.

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery

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