Gold found on Legend of Croc Gold but the river from hell could still thwart plans

Gold at last on The Legend of Croc Gold
Gold at last on the Legend of Croc Gold, but can they turn it into a business?

This week on Legend of Croc Gold, the team find gold, Farley is held to account by Island leaders and the the dredge could be ruined.

Panning yields some positive signs as the team find lots of gold at the bottom of the pan but the river still proves to be a real challenge.

Working on this river is dangerous
Working on this river is dangerous

Plus the pressure is piling on as tribal chiefs are suspicious of Farley and they could force him off the island if something does not turn up.

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The river proves an obstacle both to just getting around and to the the mining barge. The latter could be fatally damaged, if it is then it’s game over for the whole enterprise.

Can the team follow up on their panning luck? Will Farley be able to placate the chiefs long enough for some results?

Find out on this week’s episode.

Legend of Croc Gold Tonight

With frustrations rising among the locals, the pressure is on to find gold tonight!

Posted by Legend of Croc Gold on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Catch Legend of Croc Gold – River From Hell at 10 PM on Discovery.

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