Goalsetter on Shark Tank: Former Nickelodeon executive’s company helps parents invest for their children

Tanya Van Court transitioned from Nickelodeon executive to Goalsetter founder.
Tanya Van Court transitioned from Nickelodeon executive to Goalsetter founder and is now pitching on Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

Tanya Van Court will be presenting Goalsetter on Shark Tank. This former Nickelodeon executive wants to see children grow up to be successful and financially stable adults and she believes her service can help make that happen.

Goalsetter is an online platform that helps simplify savings and investments for parents and others who want to invest in a child’s future. It can even be used by kids to set goals for themselves and begin to save toward items or other expenses that they really want.

It’s basically a savings account for kids and Goalsetter is also FDIC insured, so any money saved via this service is federally insured.

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The idea behind Goalsetter is that children who are taught how to save their money at an early age will also grow up to be better savers and investors too. Plus, they make it very easy.

There are many ways that kids and their parents can add to a Goalsetter account with one of the easiest to round up purchases using a debit card and have that extra change deposited right into the Goalsetter account.

Kids (or their parents) can set monetary goals based on what they are saving up for and once that goal is reached, they can “cash out,” having the money deposited directly into their parents’ account.

They can then purchase whatever it is that they were saving for or they can continue saving and let that money sit for future purchases or even as their own savings account for college expenses.

It’s also easy to use Goalsetter in order to earn money via gifts from friends and family. All the child will need is a link to their account and they can share it with others, allowing friends and family to deposit funds right into their account, helping them achieve their goals.

Goalsetter seems like an easy way to motivate kids to earn and save their money, watching their balance grow without the temptation of spending it all right away. Those interested in learning more about Goalsetter can check it out on their website. 

What is Goalsetter?

Shark Tank airs on Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 

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