Giant Pocket Shirts: Where can you buy Pocket Pioneers’ tops from Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME?

A man and a woman sipping drinks out of Giant Pocket Shirts
Two examples of the patriotic Giant Pocket Shirts from Pocket Pioneers in use

We’ve all had those crazy money-making ideas after a few drinks, but for most of us they end up as just that — ideas.

Not so for friends Alex Alfaro, John Greller and Jake Kehlenbeck, the founders of Pocket Pioneers, who came up with their idea for Giant Pocket Shirts on a drunken night out.

It’s a simple concept — t-shirts with one HUGE pocket on the front, to carry anything you like in, from beers and sodas to puppies.

But it’s one that’s taken off for the trio of entrepreneurs, who appear with their products on this week’s episode of Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME on ABC.

The guys started small, designing and testing and marketing the shirts themselves, but went on to sell 1,500 shirts in under a year, so knew they were on to something.

Pocket Pioneers founders Alex, John and Jake wearing shirts with giant pockets on the front on Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME
Pocket Pioneers’ Alex, John and Jake with their Giant Pocket Shirts on Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME
Alex Alfaro, John Greller and Jake Kehlenbeck talking to Steve Harvey
The trio talk to Steve Harvey about how they came up with their idea

Now they have a successful website selling Giant Pocket Shirts in a string of designs and in both vets tops and tees.

Several of them are perfect for the beach and summer-barbecue with bright colors , but they also have one with cats on called 9 Lives and another with rashers called Bucket O’ Bacon.

There’s also some plain designs, and then there piece de resistance — patriotic ones with American flags making up the pocket.

The shirts all go currently for $29.95 (with one discounted to $19.95), with free shipping for orders over $45.

You can buy them on the Pocket Pioneers website.

Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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