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Ghost of Pompeii and Ogopogo on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

Is Ogopogo anything other than a tourist attraction? Josh Gate’ Destination Truth investigates

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth, our intrepid adventurer tries to find out the truth about ghosts in the ruins of Pompeii and heads to Canada to look for Ogopogo.

The Roman town of Pompeii in Italy was the victim of the volcano Mount Vesuvius that lies not too far from the ill-fated ruins. Back in antiquity a huge eruption buried the bustling town in ash and it happened so fast that many of the occupants were also entombed. Most of us will have seen the plaster casts taken by pouring liquid into the cavities left in the ash where the bodies of those caught in the deadly rain had lain for over a thousand years.

However, some believe that some of these tragic townsfolk still walk the street of the Roman town and there are reports of strange voices heard at night. Josh and the team investigate to see if there is anything to this local rumor other than superstition.

A moment in time captured by volcanic ash at Pompeii
A moment in time captured by volcanic ash at Pompeii

In the second episode of the night he heads to British Columbia in Canada where the Ogopogo lake monster is said to dwell deep in a glacial lake. Will he have any luck tracking down this famous monster or will it remain as elusive as its Loch Ness cousin over in Scotland?

This week also sees Josh investigate the temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and trek into the jungles of Africa where tales of a flesh-eating monster run riot through the local tribes.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth double bill airs Fridays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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