Transgender character takes center stage in new General Hospital storyline

Cassandra James posing for an Instagram selfie
Cassandra James joined the General Hospital cast to play Terry. Pic credit: @cassandrajames/Instagram

ABC’s signature soap opera General Hospital has a transgender character taking center stage in a brand new storyline involving Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst).

Cassandra James is playing Terry, Liz’s childhood friend. James plays the former bestie of Port Charles’ veteran nurse and is one of the first ever transgender actors to portray a transgender character in a soap.

How will Terry figure into the plot in the coming days? For now, she will be there for Liz as her drama-filled nuptials to Franco (Roger Howarth) get underway.

This week Franco met Terry and was surprised to find out that Liz’s first childhood kiss was with a girl. Terry and Liz explained how Terry’s life had changed in the intervening years, and that Liz, too, was in the dark until she opened up the door to her gorgeous friend.

Liz is thrilled to have her bestie in town at the most exciting time of her life. What are the chances Terry will stick around after the wedding?

That remains to be seen, but Terry is a doctor so the prognosis is at least fair that General Hospital could be her next landing place. And since this is a soap, the odds are good that Terry may have a bombshell connection to Port Charles, will run into someone she knows, or simply have a scandalous secret that keeps her in town!

ABC’s now defunct soap All My Children featured a transgender character more than 10 years ago. Actor Jeffrey Carlson, who is not transgender, starred as Zoe Luper.

Several years later CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful made television history in 2015 when they cast transgender actor Scott Turner Schofield as “transgender mentor” Nick.

James is slaying it as Terry. We’ve only seen her a handful of times but her presence and glow lights up the screen. Let’s hope that TPTB find a way to make this intriguing character a permanent resident of Port Chuck!

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